RCF - ICONICA BK Cuffia by Benny Benassi

Cuffia by Benny Benassi

Condizione : Nuovo
Produttore : RCF
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Scheda tecnica

RCF Iconica are supra-aural headphones for accurate music listening with extended low frequency response. They are ideal for use with smartphones, media players, laptops and televisions but also with high-performance Hi-Fi devices and professional audio consoles. The long-standing RCF tradition in the study of transducers has made it possible to produce a pair of headphones with a very linear frequency response and extended bass but without compromising on accuracy. This is a result of work carried out in the RCF’s avant-garde R&D department. The soft leather of the ear cushions and headband lead to unmatched user comfort, even with extended use. An adapter, cables and a handy carrying case complete the standard equipment supplied with these RCF Iconica headphones.